ID Badge Inc is a premier photo id security and card making system solutions company that specializes in the most cutting edge identification solutions available. Our id badge knowledge and card system product line include leading custom security card solution systems with embedded holographic images and reflective foils and/or advanced smart card encoding solution systems.

We also offer fast, high volume id membership card creation systems, easy to print small office badge creation systems, photo id card bar code tracking and security systems, temporary self expiring paper id card systems and visitor management photo id systems to track user entry and exit and activity reports.

Our id badge creation service is great for small companies that do not have time to create photo ids or who cannot yet justify the expense of any type of id making system. Those customers can simply email their photographs and any graphics to us and we will work together to design their customized secure plastic photo id cards.

Custom paper, pvc cards and key tags of all shapes and sizes can be made with our lithographic printing press that prints large volume, long lasting cards for membership and loyalty applications.

These cards can be further customized with an onsite id badge system to print customer name and number information in text or bar code formats to create the most custom of solutions in membership and loyalty card technologies.

ID Badge Inc also provides software, printers, parts, supplies and accessories by themselves. All types of printer ribbons, blank or custom printable cards, printable smart cards and id printer cleaning kits can be bought here. Accessories like lanyards, retractable reels, clips and badge holders of all types.

Feel free to contact us by phone, fax or email if you have any questions or would like a customized quotation.