Quantum 2 ID Printer with Mag Encoder

Quantum is the ideal system for any organization that needs to personalize cards in large quantities, from card manufacturers to service bureaus or even banks and universities. It provides the fl exibility to meet any customer requirement at any time: identification cards, loyalty cards, transport passes, event passes, student IDs, payment cards, calling cards.

With Quantum, performance is the key word! The machine has different modules to speed up the personalization process and manage the printing and encoding processes at the same time. It stands as an affordable alternative to industrial machines. Quantum provides stunning printing performances: more than 1,000 cards per hour in monochrome and more than 150 cards per hour in color.

Quantum is all about reliability. All components have been engineered to support high-volume batches, while a new cleaning process and an airtight cover protect the system against dust.

Quantum 2 ID Printer with Mag Encoder

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