Event Tracking Systems, User Registration, Enrollment, Activity Reports

Item #: EventTrackingSys
Price: $3,200.00
Event ID tracking for plastic id badges or paper badges. Easily enroll crowds of people for conferen ...
Item #: TicketTrackingSys
Price: $1,500.00
Ticket tracking with portable data collection scanners. Event ID tracking for tickets or paper badge ...
Item #: EventTrackScanStation
Retail Price: $250.00
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This scan station client is designed for networked environments that need additional locations with ...
Item #: EventTrackReportStation
Retail Price: $250.00
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This report client software allows administrators to view reports and create custom reports from the ...
Item #: MobileIDScanningStation
Retail Price: $1,895.00
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The Scan Station Mobile kit includes the SOMO 650DX, Socket Scanner Attachment, Preloaded Mobile Sof ...
Item #: MobileScanner
Retail Price: $249.00
Our Price: $220.00
This id scanner solution is a cost-effective mobile scanner that can easily scan an id card or ticke ...